A year in Siberia: Survive at all costs

Many travelers who have traveled to the most remote corners of our planet believe that they are no longer surprised. But, getting to Siberia, they cannot hide their surprise and admiration. The stunning atmosphere, boundless territories, and incredible nature not only make an indelible impression – they return a passion for adventure and exploration even to those who have walked more than one hundred kilometers.

The beginning of the way

If you are planning to go on a trip to the New Year holidays, we fully support you: to visit new places, to see live what was previously seen only in the picture, is always great. In eight days you can have time to relax at sea, look at the Alps and even visit eight cities in Europe. But this time is not enough to see Siberia – the one that is hidden behind highways and cities. Real, wild, unique.

The territory of Siberia is larger than Europe, as well as Australia and Canada (the second-largest country in the world), and occupies 13.1 million square meters. Km, of which 5.13 million – taiga. Hundreds of unique animals live here, the deepest lake in the world of Baikal is located, and thousands of endemic plants grow.

National treasure

Siberia is often called the pantry of the country, and sometimes – of the whole world. The vast territory is fraught with colossal deposits of hydrocarbons, coal, uranium, metals, precious stones. But even more valuable are its natural resources. More than 30% of all freshwater on the planet is concentrated here (19% of which falls on Lake Baikal).

The harsh climate and inaccessibility preserved the nature of Siberia, with all its secrets, untouched by man. Ermak found her like that. Such today we know her.

The strongest survive

Only a few can see the real Siberian taiga from the inside. Tour operators do not offer last-minute tours here; it is impossible to get there on your own without special knowledge and equipment. There are no roads, no signs. Getting here, you meet the true nature – such as it was hundreds of years ago.

When you understand the conditions in which plants have learned to exist here, it is difficult to hide the surprise. In winter, temperatures can reach −60 ° C, in some areas −70 ° C – only 100 degrees higher than at night on the moon.

The Kuchera river. Altai Mountains, Russia

Over the three short summer months, Siberian trees and herbs have learned to accumulate thousands of the most complex chemical compounds in themselves, allowing them to easily tolerate colossal temperature changes, a sharp change in weather, and even damage.

From tea to space vitamins

The meeting of people with the flora of Siberia is one of the most important acquaintances in the history of mankind. Without exaggeration: the discovery of new countries by sailors of the 15th century is comparable in importance to the discovery of wild grasses of the taiga. Just as new peoples gave humanity new knowledge, so the plants of Siberia gave him incredible power.

Chulyshman river valley and Katu-Yaryk pass, Altai mountains, Siberia, Russia

Rhodiola Rosea (golden root), safflower raponticum (maral root – endemic of Southern Siberia), St. John’s wort, hodgepodge, Eleutherococcus, Baikal Scutellaria – from the moment of their discovery, they helped people to remain healthy, energetic and hardy. Some were known even by nomadic tribes, the indigenous peoples of Siberia. Some were discovered only in the 1930s of the last century.

These plants were widely used: they were added with tea, created food additives from them, and even developed adaptogenic complexes for the first astronauts on their basis.

Chemistry is good

All of these herbs owe their exceptional properties to an incredible composition. They contain a huge amount of phenols, organic acids, terpenoids, flavonoids, tannins, essential oils, and trace elements. Such a cocktail can be part of just one plant, which provides a powerful tonic effect.

Of course, to ignore such valuable qualities was difficult, but it was even more difficult to give every person in the world the opportunity to receive the power of these plants. Yes, dried herbs were sold in markets, sometimes in stores. The extracts were included in more expensive adaptogenic complexes but were not widespread. Therefore, in the very heart of Siberia, a team of scientists decided to develop an affordable product that combines the strength of all these herbs.

The real power of Siberia

Siberians are people of a wide soul. Therefore, Siberian Wellness combined the centuries-old experience of indigenous herbalists with a scientific approach to creating an effective product that is accessible to everyone on the planet.

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