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Finding a retreat which is both inspiring and authentic has become somewhat difficult over recent years with the boom of holidays retreats popping up all over Europe. There is so many retreats that we can find it difficult to choose one that will fit in with not only our holiday time but also our level of health and fitness. have been offering retreats for over a decade and are by far, one of the retreats that are well worth a visit.

Set below the hilltop village of Amieira in the Castelo Branco district of Portugal you will find Vale Do Bacelo which is the home of senior yoga teachers Sue & Peter. They purchased this beautiful rustic estate in 2008 and renovated the whole property to create what is now known as the Yoga Evolution Retreat Centre. The property is thirteen acres in size with forest tracks that run for miles around.

Walking around the centre you get a feeling that a lot of love and hard work has been injected into this secluded gem of a yoga space. With its picturess back drop of the mountains and ancient trees that are all carefully tended you begin to feel the simplicity of just being. The property is known locally as the most fertile land in the area and also used to employ the local people to tend the land and pick olives or wine grapes. You can also take a dip in the lovely well situated salt water swimming pool.

A place to learn and understand the health benefits of practice.

Peter & Sue have been holding yoga immersion courses for many years and even offer their own Evolutionary Yoga Teacher Training program for those who want to share the knowledge passed onto them. You will find that every week is a great opportunity to learn that yoga is not all about performing physical body shapes, as is projected through photographs we often see. But it is a path to finding better health, concentration, evolution and will lead to a healthier lifestyle. Yoga has the power to heal mental, physical and emotional wounds that are holding us back from being fully who we are.

Learn ashtanga yoga on some of the weeks which is a set sequence of movements co-ordinated with the breath. This style of yoga has been around for many years and is probably the best type to learn step by step and with an experienced instructor who will guide you.

Yin Yoga allows you to spend more time in each body position so you can really feel the fascia of the body begin to lengthen. This style is great for the removal of tense muscles and joint pain.

Learn the powerful practice of medical Qigong on a retreat week. Five element Qigong goes back many thousands of years and is really used to remove fatigue by enhancing the energy circuits of the body. You get to learn a set sequence of movements which are all named after animals and focus a stimulating the organs through compression and stretching which increases the blood flow and elasticity of the outer layer of the body.

Mindfulness meditation has been proven to help people work through issues in life that have been triggering them back into depression. On the retreat you will learn how to use a method and develop an attitude towards your own thoughts and thinking patters.

Going on a retreat with Peter & Sue is not just about relaxing and finding peace of mind it is also about self development and education by developing your own yoga and meditation practice.

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