The Cape Floristic Region in South Africa

Cape Floristic Region-South Africa
The Cape flora is near the southern tip of South Africa which is the only Cape Floristic Region. The Cape Floristic Kingdom comprises a floristic province, known as the Cape flora. The Cape Floral Region is consisted of six smallest recognized floral kingdoms of the world. It is an extremely important area of diversity and endemism, and hosts over 9000 species of vascular plants. Much of the diversity associated with the conformation of fynbos, a Mediterranean style and fire-prone shrublands. The economic value of fynbos biodiversity is based on the fynbos crop products and eco-tourism.
Cape Floristic Region-Africa
For the Cape Floral Region is both economic and intrinsic value as a biological hotspot of biodiversity. Most of the area is roofed with fynbos which is the residence for a wonderful diversity of plant species including the Protea family, Heath family and Reed family of restios. Other plants types are strandveld, a spongy coastal scrubland found mostly on the west-facing coast of the Western Cape region, on tertiary sands. The “Cape Floral Region”, representative protected areas were extolled as a World Heritage Site of UNESCO.

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