The attractive Lady’s Mile Beach of Akrotiri Peninsula in Cyprus

Lady’s Mile Beach is a famous beach on the brink of the new Limassol Port which is officially recognized as Aplostra Beach and situated is to the southwest of Limassol City Centre on the Akrotiri Peninsula in Cyprus. The beach consists of grayish sand through a temperate slope into the sea for which it is […]

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Archaeological Significant of Khirokitia in Cyprus

Khirokitia is one of the most significant place in region of Europe and North America, the modern village is to be found on the slope of a hill in the vale of the River Maroni towards the southern coastline in the island of Cyprus. Khirokitia is an archaeological spot in Cyprus from the Neolithic period […]

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The charming harbour Kyrenia, Jewel of Cyprus

The charming harbour Kyrenia and adjacent castle is called the “Jewel of Cyprus”. It is a quite simply and perceptive. The position on the north coast having the perfect place to develop a port and about 65km from the Turkish mainland, was rightly located on the trade route. The castle having Byzantine foundations, was rebuilt […]

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