The Loire Valley: The Reflection of West European Design…..

The Loire Valley is placed in central France in the midpoint stretch of the Loire River straddling 280 km. and comprising an area of about 800 sq km. The Valley referred to as the cradle of the French speech as well as the garden of France because of the profusion of vineyards, artichoke, fruit orchards, […]

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Roman and Romanesque monuments of Arles City in France

Arles is the city having a collection of Roman and Romanesque monuments in France which been listed as a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site ever since 1981. It is a excellent example of the version of an ancient city to medieval European society. Arles has some extraordinary Roman monuments which are the most primitive the showground […]

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Theatre Antique d’Orange, France

“Theatre Antique d’Orange” is an ancient Roman theater of Orange in southern France which was built in the early first century AD. It is the city of Orange in possession and is home for the summer opera festival, the Chorégies of Orange. It is one of the best of all Roman theaters of the Roman […]

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