Wankaner, the significance of Rajkot in India

The earlier significant state of Wankaner is situated 55km from Rajkot in India. Nestled in a bend of the river to its classification ‘Wanka’ means bend, ‘Ner’ river, was part of a room in Wankaner Saurashtra Jhalawar appellant because of the dominance of Jhala Rajputs that prevails there. Wankaner royal family known for his backing […]

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Sarnath, the attractions of the north Indian state

Sarnath is located 10 km northeast of Kashi (Varanasi) along the west bank of the river Ganges in the north Indian state, the cradle of Buddhism, where he first introduced Mahadharmachakra. Especially, Chinese travelers Fa-Hsien and Hiuen-Tsang make the Sarnath World famous. It is known locally as a deer roaming park (Mrigo Udyan /Deer Park) […]

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