Thrilling Views of Baltic Sea from Curonian Spit in Lithuania

The Curonian Spit is a 98km long, skinny, coiled sand-dune sputter that separating the Curonian lake from the Baltic Sea coastline. Its south portion is in Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia and northern portion in south-west Lithuania which is the world heritage site of UNESCO joint by the 2 countries. The Curonian sputter stretching from the […]

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The best tourists attractions of Kernaves in Lithuania

Kernave is the best traveler’s attractions as well as an archeological location in Lithuania, was a medieval resources of the grand Duchy of the country. It is located near the curve of the Neris river and the Pajauta vale beside the region of piliakalnis, a momentous hillfort heap in the Širvintos area city on the […]

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Roman Catholic church St. Anne at Vilnius in Lithuania

Roman Catholic church St. Anne is sited on the right bank of the Vilnia River at the old city Vilnius in Lithuania. Anne’s church is a famous example for both the styles of Flashy Gothic and Brick Gothic which is the prominent milestone for this old city of Vilnius enabling the region to be incorporated […]

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