Dja Faunal Reserve: World Heritage Site of Cameroon in Africa

Dja Faunal Reserve-World Heritage Site-Cameroon
Dja Faunal Reserve is located on the Dja River in the middle south-eastern states of Cameroon which is about 245 km south-eastern of Yaoundé and about 6 km western of Lomie. Actually Dja is in the transition neighborhood between the south Nigerian forests, south-western Cameroon and the forests of Congo Basin. The Dja river about entirely has surrounded the reserve shaping its natural border except the south-western portions. Globally it is documented as a Biosphere Reserve of UNESCO in 1981 and included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. Excepting the south-eastern reserve the respite is comparatively smooth and consists of a sequence of round-topped hills.
Dja Faunal Reserve Cameroon
The main slip line on the south border of the reserve which trailing through the Dja River, has guide to the structure of quite deeper slash valleys on the south-eastern rim of the plateau. In fact, the reserve is nearly delimited by the Dja River flowing western alongside the long north boundary of the preserve and then beside the south border before flowing to the southeastern like a twig to the Congo. Rock faces running alongside the track of the river in the southern side for about 60km and associated by a segment of the river uneven with rapids and waterfalls. The underlying rock layer is shaped of crystalline metamorphic rocks of Precambrian origin, fraction of the Mbalmayo-Bengbis succession which attracts you much. Equatorial typed weather with two rain falling mountains and heats similar through the year. Comprising one of the biggest and best sheltered rainforests in Africa Dja Faunal Reserve is particularly renowned for its biodiversity and wide variety of primates…..

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