The Garamba National Park of Congo in Africa

Garamba National Park-Congo-Africa
The Garamba National Park is to be found in Orientale province close to the Sudanese border, the northeast part of Congo in Africa and a World Heritage Site of UNESCO. This park is renowned for the vast savannas, grasslands, hippopotamuses, giraffes, featuring elephants and particularly for the White Rhinoceros. Besides these, there are forests to be found by the banks of the rivers which is identified for its wealthy and diverse scenery. Garamba was believed to be extraordinary following the shrinking of the White Rhinoceros residents in the region. There are one can observe the antelope species, a plant swine and warthog. It is also dwelling to the big cats like the lion, leopard and the golden cat.
Great view of Garamba National Park
There are also to be found otters, vervet, monkeys, colobus, chimpanzee, olive baboon, buffalo and waterbuck. The biggest rivers are Garamba, Aka and Dungu beautified this park more. The lovely natural scenery and the bio-diversity of Garamba National Park enchants scientists still now as well as you also be………..

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