4 Hacks to Make Pet Parenthood Affordable

Owning a pet can be hefty on your pockets. Getting a dog is not like getting a toy. You cannot just let your dog live out its life without needing much attention from you. Even the most low-maintenance dog needs some amount of tender loving care.

However, you do not have to have a large paycheck to be able to afford a pet. Here are some must expense and how you can make them affordable.


The most basic necessity of your dog is food. As long as you provide them with a healthy diet they need little else. There are varieties of food that you can give your dog. You can easily find dog food and discount pet items to satisfy your dog’s dietary needs. The discounts you get on your packaged dog food can help you save a ton of money.

At the same time, the best way to ensure a healthy diet while keeping cost low is by making their food at home. You can get produce and make their food fresh. Your local butchers can provide you with cheap cuts of meat that you can cook up for your dog on a regular basis.

Even if you cannot cook your dog a meal regularly, try to give them one home-cooked meal a day.


Never ignore your dog’s medical needs. Medicating your dog, yourself or not medicating them is equally bad. Take your dog to the vet when they show any sign of sickness. If you let it get worse then you are going to end up spending more or losing your dog. For dogs with serious illnesses that need expensive treatments, there are organisations that you can reach out to for help.

Keep your dog parasite free by regularly grooming and medicating them. Give them regular vaccinations as well. With these in place, you run less risk of having to fork out a fortune at the vet.


Different dog breeds have been bred for different purposes. Avoid getting high energy dog breeds if you have a more static life. No matter how high or low energy your dog is, they need their entertainment. Toys keep dogs engaged. Even though you may find dog food and discount pet items online or at pet supply stores, your dog may destroy the toy in minutes.

Put on your crafty hat and make your dog some toys instead. By doing so, you can upcycle things lying around at home and give your dog something to play with.

Simply taking time out of your day to take your dog on a walk or run can do the trick as well.


Puppies and senior dogs might need protective clothing to keep them warm. You also need to provide your dog with a roof over their head. Leaving your dog tied out in your yard is no way to keep your dog. Give your dog a designated space in your house. Make them a doggy bed if you cannot afford to buy one. Buying clothes for your dog can be expensive as well. You can upcycle your old clothes to give your dog something to wear.

Your dog loves you no matter how much money you have in the bank. Repay the love by looking out for their needs.

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