Semien Mountains National Park of Ethiopia in Africa

Semien Mountains National Park-Ethiopia-Africa
Simien Mountains is one of the National Parks located at the northern Simien Gondar Zo in the Amhara state of Ethiopia. This land is covered by the Simien Mountains including Ras Dashan, the uppermost peak in Ethiopia in Africa. This park is a dwelling place of particularly uncommon species, counting the Ethiopian wolf, the Walia Ibex, Gelada Baboon and the wild goat which are not found anywhere else in the world. There you can also find the Caracal, taking place in the Simien Mountains.
Semien Mountains National Park-Ethiopia-Africa
The natural scenic beauties attract the visitors still now. There are over 50 class of birds including the exciting Bearded Vulture and Lammergeyer, beautifies the park with their lovely beauty. It was one of the earliest World Heritage Site of UNESCO. If you like to watch the mysterious world with your own eyes, you must have to visit once the natural surroundings of Semien Mountains National Park which I call the wonders of Africa.

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