The Best Australian Road Trips

There are countless ways to enjoy a vacation. All you have to do is find the best possible format to savour the best out of the “undiscovered country” you are about to visit for the first time. In the case of the Land Down Under, there is hardly a better way to experience a palette of biomes, colours and scents this continent has to offer than to go on a prolonged road trip. With that in mind, here are the best Australian road trips.

The Great Ocean Road

You can begin your road trip adventure with one of the most iconic and classical road tripping routes in Australia – the Great Ocean Road. It’s fairly short – it stretches for 250 kilometres of twisting and turning coastline highway to reach Torquay from Warrnambool (or vice versa). This means that you can appreciate the magnificent beauties of this road trip in one four-hour take, but where’s the fun in that? Instead, you should use the time you have to truly relish in the epic sites along the way – including the iconic 12 Apostles , the limestone rock formations that rise out of colossal Pacific waves. Stop by the Port Campbell National Park, visit the idyllic Loch Ard Gorge and enjoy the expansive sight of the Apollo Bay.

The Legendary Pacific Coast

The second most popular road trip in Australia is the one that follows a vibrant coastline between two of its most lauded metropolises – the Legendary Pacific Coast that begins in Sydney, New South Wales and ends in Brisbane, Queensland. This road trip is just as popular as the Great Ocean Road, but it is significantly longer – roughly 930 kilometres of highway require a well prepared vehicle, so have its vital fluids checked and get some spare cheap tyres in Blacktown.

This picturesque drive has something for everyone – the arresting scenery along the coast, charming ports, bucolic destinations in the popular region known as the Hunter Valley, and many more highlights. Don’t miss out on a visit (and possibly a weekend-long stay) to Byron Bay!

The Savannah Way

Now, if you want to see the wild heart of Australia and embark on an adventure you will remember for the rest of your days, take up a challenge known as the Savannah Way – an epic journey through Queensland, Northern Territories and Western Australia. It will take you at least several weeks to conquer (regular pauses and stays accounted for) as it is a whopping 4,000 kilometres long stretch that cuts through incredible natural scenery. You have to see Cobbold Gorge, visit Boodjamulla National Park, and enjoy countless activities along the way. This road trip is not for the faint of heart, as it is long, arduous and it will take you through some truly overwhelming desert and rainforest patches, so you have to prepare accordingly!

Head to Tasmania

Australia’s “younger sister”, Tasmania is an island that is over-packed with jaw-dropping scenery, intriguing peaks and valleys, as well as endemic life forms of both flora and fauna. You simply must embark on a road trip across this patch of land in the South Pacific in order to truly appreciate the beauties it has to offer.

Driving destinations are numerous and you are guaranteed never to be bored. You can go on a fairly standard tried-and-true road trip from Launceston to Hobart or Port Arthur. Along the way, you will get a chance to enjoy Tasmania’s most iconic places, including the Bay of Fires, Bicheno, Binalong Bay, and visit the renowned Freycinet National Park. You will end your journey in Hobart, the capital of Tasmania – a charming town of well-preserved Gothic Victorian architecture and welcoming residents. The journey is not very long – at around 560 kilometres, it will take you about ten hours with minimal stops to see the island.

When it comes to the routes across Australia and their modular lengths, you will be spoiled for choice in the Land Down Under. Resplendent road trips of the youngest continent in the world are there for one simple reason – just like surfing, road trips are not only a prevalent activity but also a part of its cultural heritage. The vast and untamed country covered with an intricate and well maintained web of roads and stops lends itself perfectly for an adventure that is simultaneously relaxed and overwhelming.

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