Top Tips for Traveling with Dogs

If you know you are going away for a longer time, you will probably want to bring your pet along with you. It requires more planning, but it’s ultimately cheaper unless you already have someone to take care of your dog while you’re gone. Traveling with a pet – especially with a small, non-exotic pet – is very much possible and more and more people are doing it. So let’s see what you should keep in mind  when you set off with your pet:

Find pet-friendly accommodation

Not every room you rent along the way will be pet-friendly, so you will need to do some research before you leave. If you are staying with friends, you need to make sure that they are fine with your dog staying with them as well and the potential damage they can do. You also need to make sure that the space is safe for your dog, especially if they are small and they haven’t yet learned not to eat potentially toxic things and gnaw on cables. If you’re staying at a hotel or hostel, hit up online forums to find out which places are actually pet-friendly and which will limit your pet to a single, small room. If you are staying in a shared space, like a hostel, you also need to make sure you tell them beforehand that you are bringing your pet, so that they can warn any other guests that are potentially scared or allergic and not put them in the same room with you.

Bring the supplies

A trip is not something that your dog is used to. They are scared at best, and at worst, anxious and terrified, and might get sick. So you need to make sure you have everything to keep them nice and comfortable – their favorite toys, blankets and clothes, if they need to wear them – to make them feel like they’re not far from home. You will also need a collar and a leash to always have them by your side, and a travel case to get them from A to B in a closed space. If you are only leaving for a week or so, you might be able to bring their food with you, but if you’re flying halfway around the world to Australia to stay for a few months, the last thing you need in your suitcase is pounds of dog food. You can find a place that sells dog supplies online and have them deliver your pet’s favorite food to wherever you are so that you don’t have to drag it along.

Make sure they’re healthy

If your dog isn’t perfectly healthy to start with, do not under any circumstances travel with them. About a month before the trip, take them to the vet and inform them of where you are going and for how long. Your vet should know if the specific place you’re traveling to requires any additional shots or papers proving that the pet is healthy. Once your vet gives you the green light, take good care of your dog and don’t change anything in your routine to make sure they aren’t exposed to anything new before they leave. Have the number of an emergency vet at the town you’re traveling to and ask your own vet if there is any medicine you should be taking with you on the trip.

Most importantly, don’t ever leave your pet alone in your room while you go outside. Not only will it lead to them barking and disturbing other guests, but it will make them feel lonely. If you decided to bring them along, then they are along for the whole ride, not just when it suits you. Yes, you might have to make some compromises because of them, but you will also be the life of any party.

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